Project Highlights

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working on many different designs. Clients have ranged from coaches to a mural artist, to a dentist owner and coach, and even a travel vlogger.

Pro Murals – Mural Artist Website Overhaul and Re-design

The client (Garry) came to me with a request for my design services. He had a gaudy, old-fashioned and out-of-date website, which was cluttered with text, and his work was not clearly displayed. We needed to bring more of a focus to his beautiful work! The client required a minimal look and a website that would showcase his work effectively.

What we created was a website that was minimalist, presented clear content, whilst showcasing his portfolio and work, clearly and proudly! It is primarily image focused, which is very visually impactful. It also uses the white space and sizing of font to further accentuate the copy and images. The portfolio section was divided into categories so that the view can view the examples of work according to project type.

Client Feedback:

Yemu Phiri – Landing Page Design

Yemu was struggling with presenting her new social media package through a landing page so she handed this task over to me! I have a blueprint, which I normally bring to landing pages so I brought that approach here. I focused on the content and presented multiple entry and engagement points for the audience to engage with the content. The particular focus here is on selling this package, so I highlighted the benefits of buying this package in an aesthetically pleasing and engaging way. Images and colours were selected in alignment with the brand; content was presented in such a way as to appeal to the audience.

Kim Gipson – Bali Travel Guide. Design & Layout.

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