Client Journey – Desert Book Cover

  Client Project features, is a blog section where I feature projects that I have worked on in the past.  I create these to just to give a little more detail on the work processes I go through, and along with that, where I find inspiration from.     What was the Project based on? What wereContinue reading “Client Journey – Desert Book Cover”

Mini Exhibit – “Royalty”

Preparation of pieces to put in the exhibit. Promotional Poster design for the Exhibit. Check out the exhibition if you can, and let me know what you think! And of course, the pieces can be purchased directly through the shop, or through me.

The Plight of Perfectionism and its Effect on Creatives

As an artist and illustrator, I find it difficult to know when a piece is finished. It seems to me, there is always something more that I can do in order for the piece to look more finished. It is definitely a pain. I have to purposely stop and give myself a reminder of grace,Continue reading “The Plight of Perfectionism and its Effect on Creatives”