Where and How My Business Started

Wonderfully Mei Designs didn’t start the way other small businesses started. There wasn’t one “aha” moment, that drew me away to start on this epic adventure of entrepenurial-ism. There wasn’t a moment in a 9 – 5 job where I thought; “heck, I can’t work for anyone else, anymore! I didn’t want to escape theContinue reading “Where and How My Business Started”

Client Journey – Desert Book Cover

  Client Project features, is a blog section where I feature projects that I have worked on in the past.  I create these to just to give a little more detail on the work processes I go through, and along with that, where I find inspiration from.     What was the Project based on? What wereContinue reading “Client Journey – Desert Book Cover”

Life Teams

And the importance of them! You can only move as fast as, Who’s in front of you, And if you assume, Just like them, What good will it do. Whenever I hear these lyrics, I am reminded to check who is in front of me, who is beside me and who is behind me, (metaphoricallyContinue reading “Life Teams”

The Plight of Perfectionism and its Effect on Creatives

As an artist and illustrator, I find it difficult to know when a piece is finished. It seems to me, there is always something more that I can do in order for the piece to look more finished. It is definitely a pain. I have to purposely stop and give myself a reminder of grace,Continue reading “The Plight of Perfectionism and its Effect on Creatives”

Wonderfully Mei Blog

    As my first blog post, I thought I would explain a little of how Wonderfully Mei Designs first came together, and where I have come from. Wonderfully Mei Designs started out as a very grass roots idea, birthed from prophetic painting and a place of healing and intimate time with God. Sufficed toContinue reading “Wonderfully Mei Blog”