You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To

  It’s New Year’s Eve and I don’t usually post on a Monday but I wanted to get a post in before New Year’s and plus I have a few things I wanted to encourage you in, as well as open up about, so that you can be encouraged in whatever endeavors you pursue in 2019. SoContinue reading “You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To”

New Revamped Services Coming soon …

COMING SOON   Virtual Assistance that caters to your every need Virtual Assistance that works around you and gives you top priority with your project and business requirements. We are not on-call but we are onboard and readily available. Quick turn around So that you can get your projects completed. Access to higher level servicesContinue reading “New Revamped Services Coming soon …”

Copywriting – Writing for an Audience

Often business owners, when writing copy or blog posts, write too much into the copy, and vomit onto the page. One of the aspects of copywriting is writing astutely and succinctly without being overbearing. When you are writing copy, it is important to think about the audience you are writing for. You are not justContinue reading “Copywriting – Writing for an Audience”

The Importance of Networking

“No man is an island.” ~John Donne And no business is either. No clients and transactions can start without first doing some networking. Networking opens up your business to connect with other businesses and like-minded people. It creates a connection and when done in an authentic and purposeful way can bear much fruit. Networking showsContinue reading “The Importance of Networking”

Blind spots & Accountability

From working with many different individuals in different industries, there is one major thing that is apparent and that I have noticed. We need people to help us, to help keep us accountable within business. The struggle is real and the more help and support we can get, the better. I am a firm believerContinue reading “Blind spots & Accountability”