Online Course Review

REVIEW   Master Class: How I Manage My Anxiety While Running a Business   On the site, there is a section dedicated to Masterclasses, where there are low-cost masterclasses that you can take in your own way and own time. This offers a no fuss, approach to taking courses to help you improve in areasContinue reading “Online Course Review”

What Exactly Are You Made Of?

  When you are reduced to nothing, you find out what you are made of. When you are stretched to the max, you find out what you are made of.   When you are reduced to nothing, you will find out what you are made of.   Failing and dropping out of teacher training wasContinue reading “What Exactly Are You Made Of?”

Creativity as a Source of Wealth

Creativity is a source of inspiration, life and  Let’s dig into it, and let’s re-find our inner wealth.     If we had a life without creativity, it would be a very dry, lifeless and dull world. Imagine life in black and white. That’s what it would be like to live without the glorious technicolorContinue reading “Creativity as a Source of Wealth”

Unplug Series (Getting Centred Once Again): Interviews Part I

  As part of the Unplug series, I wanted to interview some people in business who are on different spectrums of being plugged into the internet and social media, and its’ affects on our well-being and overall life. Is it positive or negative?     Does it help with productivity and life flow? What does thatContinue reading “Unplug Series (Getting Centred Once Again): Interviews Part I”

Monday – Setting Yourself Up for Success

It is best to start Monday with a clear plan of action and set your intentions for the weeks and perhaps the month ahead. There’s no point in muddling through the day, without a clear goal in mind. I think it is far too easy to just “make it up as you go”. Structure isContinue reading “Monday – Setting Yourself Up for Success”