Copywriting – Writing for an Audience

Often business owners, when writing copy or blog posts, write too much into the copy, and vomit onto the page. One of the aspects of copywriting is writing astutely and succinctly without being overbearing. When you are writing copy, it is important to think about the audience you are writing for. You are not justContinue reading “Copywriting – Writing for an Audience”

The Importance of Networking

“No man is an island.” ~John Donne And no business is either. No clients and transactions can start without first doing some networking. Networking opens up your business to connect with other businesses and like-minded people. It creates a connection and when done in an authentic and purposeful way can bear much fruit. Networking showsContinue reading “The Importance of Networking”

Creativity as a Source of Wealth

Creativity is a source of inspiration, life and  Let’s dig into it, and let’s re-find our inner wealth.     If we had a life without creativity, it would be a very dry, lifeless and dull world. Imagine life in black and white. That’s what it would be like to live without the glorious technicolorContinue reading “Creativity as a Source of Wealth”

Monday – Setting Yourself Up for Success

It is best to start Monday with a clear plan of action and set your intentions for the weeks and perhaps the month ahead. There’s no point in muddling through the day, without a clear goal in mind. I think it is far too easy to just “make it up as you go”. Structure isContinue reading “Monday – Setting Yourself Up for Success”