How to: Create a Brand from Scratch

By Wonderfully Mei Designs This post will give you a quick run-through of what it takes to create some amazing branding! From Mood Boards, to Colour Scheme and Typography …!   MOOD BOARD Inspiration Inspiration can be found from anywhere; magazines, Pinterest, websites, leaflets, etc. Colours, nuances, textures and other influences can be teased from various imagesContinue reading “How to: Create a Brand from Scratch”

Client Journey – Desert Book Cover

  Client Project features, is a blog section where I feature projects that I have worked on in the past.  I create these to just to give a little more detail on the work processes I go through, and along with that, where I find inspiration from.     What was the Project based on? What wereContinue reading “Client Journey – Desert Book Cover”

Wonderfully Mei Blog

    As my first blog post, I thought I would explain a little of how Wonderfully Mei Designs first came together, and where I have come from. Wonderfully Mei Designs started out as a very grass roots idea, birthed from prophetic painting and a place of healing and intimate time with God. Sufficed toContinue reading “Wonderfully Mei Blog”