Unplug Series (Getting Centred Once Again): Interviews Part I

  As part of the Unplug series, I wanted to interview some people in business who are on different spectrums of being plugged into the internet and social media, and its’ affects on our well-being and overall life. Is it positive or negative?     Does it help with productivity and life flow? What does thatContinue reading “Unplug Series (Getting Centred Once Again): Interviews Part I”

Unplug Series: Planning for the New Year

  We are nearing to the end of January and we’ve had a month to start on projects, get things ticked off and tackle the goals and plans we’ve had on our minds.   What things are lighting up your list? What have you burnt through, this year? What would you change?   Our businessContinue reading “Unplug Series: Planning for the New Year”

Unplug and Disconnect to Reconnect (Getting Centred Once Again)

Unplugging from social media and the world to reconnect with yourself, and your purpose.

Oftentimes we can be so connected with the internet, social media and other people that we can lose sight of our own purpose and place in the world, and even our own personal goals too. We can be so concerned with what others think, that we forget to chase our own goals and dreams.