Clean Up Your Inbox with Wonderfully Mei Designs

E-mail Management Tips and some helpful tips for clearing up your inbox. Keeping on top of your e-mail inbox can be near enough impossible, especially when you have 100s of e-mails flooding through and demanding your attention.   #1 Tip – Set time aside for checking your e-mails. The best time for me is toContinue reading “Clean Up Your Inbox with Wonderfully Mei Designs”

How to Write an About Page

When writing “About” pages, it is important to think about your structure, arrangement of the different sections of text, the context, and your audience. Structure Think about the different sections you want to include, in the About section. Think about including things like the history of your business, blog, or venture. You could also include little interestingContinue reading “How to Write an About Page”

WM Designs Branding Palettes

COLOUR SWATCHES Taking account of the previous post about the Winter Trend colours; let’s have a look at some amazing colour combinations that we can incorporate into our designs (leaflets, postcards, business cards, etc.!), and our overall branding too! Whether your brand is within the realm of interior design, a personal blog or whether youContinue reading “WM Designs Branding Palettes”

Winter’s Palette

Pantone Colour Report 2016 – Lush Meadow   This Winter’s Colour palette as suggested by Pantone is full of muted tones, with subtle nods to Autumnal shades. Airy blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Bodacious are the key colours featured in this colour line-up. This variety of colours is anContinue reading “Winter’s Palette”

Where and How My Business Started

Wonderfully Mei Designs didn’t start the way other small businesses started. There wasn’t one “aha” moment, that drew me away to start on this epic adventure of entrepenurial-ism. There wasn’t a moment in a 9 – 5 job where I thought; “heck, I can’t work for anyone else, anymore! I didn’t want to escape theContinue reading “Where and How My Business Started”