Who am I?

Who is the face behind Wonderfully Mei Designs?

My name is Mei and I am 32 years old, British Born Chinese and from the UK.

I have a degree in Multimedia Technologies and a Masters in Education and a whole wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. I have worked as a Virtual Assistant and freelance designer for 3 – 4 years (perhaps longer now!). I have formal training in graphic design, web design, photography and other such disciplines. You know you are in good hands when it comes to the more tech-focused tasks that you might require.

A little bit about my background…

Wonderfully Mei Designs has indeed grown since it’s humble, beginnings. It actually started from commissioning and selling individual artwork and illustrations. This was exciting, fulfilling but time-consuming and not sustainable. I started pitching for and asked to do freelance design work. This slowly continued through the years and I picked up on Virtual Assistant work also. We come to the present, where I am still serving individuals and businesses with their specific needs.

I can’t pin down a specific project that would be my most successful, as I give my all to each and every single project! BUT my most favourite thing to work on are landing pages! I love creating design that is impactful, marketable and engaging. I enjoy bringing services and products to life through marketable landing pages.

A little about me

I enjoy cooking and eating food SO much. My day practically revolves around what I eat, and asking myself what to eat (ask my boyfriend, I’m sure he gets fed up of that! haha). Growing up in a Chinese household within the confines of the wider British culture was interesting to say the least (I was the only kid who ever brought fried rice as a packed lunch to school!). But dad introduced me to loads of dishes like char sui pork, steamed pork and egg, hor fun, and all of that influences my cooking today. Mmmm… food… So with that, I love trying out new cafes and restaurants, and with that I adore coffee. That helps give that all important kick to my day.

I did mention starting out commissioning artwork, and this is a hint of my background. I am indeed naturally very creative; in fact what my friends know me as the most … is my sense of creativity. I’m known to be arty, I do love writing and playing music also! I know how to play the piano, violin and clarinet and sometimes compose and play on the piano from time to time.


11:00 – 18:30
11:00 – 18:30
11:00 – 18:30
11:00 – 18:30
11:00 – 18:30

Me and my gorgeous boyfriend, my best friend and best supporter ❤

Personal Artwork
Personal Artwork
My family.

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