Get in the Flow and GO!



Time to get some more flow in your business.

Time to offload the things you do not have time or energy for!

Time to delegate in order to rise up.

Time to go bigger.

I can


Bring my particular expertise to your brand and business. My particular specialism is design and layout.

Help you get organised, get less stressed and get your work done in good time. I’m a stickler for getting things done quickly, and I am very good under pressure. I’ll help keep your cool, I promise. I also know some mindfulness and stress-less techniques. Let’s get our well-beings in check! 😉



I provide customised packages to meet your business needs. Not only to help your business run a bit more smoothly, but to bring some expertise to your brand.

If you are looking for a designer with a focus and willingness to bring your business to the next level. You’ve come to the right place.

You want someone who not only has the expertise for the right programs but someone who has the creativity to help you push the boundaries of what is capable within your business.

Who do I work best with?

Other Virtual Assistants (even VAs need VAs!), Web Designer solopreneurs, Creative Entrepreneurs and business owners, and even Spiritual, Mindset and Health coaches.

What tasks can I do?

I cover different aspects of design (graphic design and web design), marketing (landing pages and and writing (copywriting and blog post writing).

What packages do you have?

We work out the cost on an individual basis.

I do sometimes have special offers so do ask about that.

Because entrepreneurship (especially design orientated businesses) needs creative inspiration, I thought the above downloadable would be super helpful. Whether you are an entrepreneur or just wanting to take stock of your creativity, this is for you!

Take stock of your creative input and output. Use this downloadable as a prompt to analyse your creativity in an organised and clear way!