Logo Design Package

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So take advantage of this and get on board with me to create an amazing logo design for you and your business!

Logo Design is now $100 off the full $399 price. That’s $299 for the full logo design process with Wonderfully Mei Designs!


Offer is valid from 24th May – 24th July.


One offer per client.
Downpayment must be made within this time-frame to secure this deal, and time with me.


What are you waiting for?


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Taking you from Envisioning to completion.

Logo Design with Wonderfully Mei Designs is a smooth collaboration that doesn’t take months to create.


I design logos informed by the latest trends, colours, elements.
I design logos for just about any industry too, there is no limit.
I also work in a very collaborative way, that enables my client to input as much as they want into the process, whilst taking on my ideas and style finesse.




  • Book a consultation call with me here at; www.calendly.com/wonderfullymei
  • Prior to consultation, I will receive details on you and what you do. I will conduct some market research to help inform design ideas within the consultation call.
  • Payment for 1/3 of the cost must be paid beforehand.
  • During the consultation call we will go over;

→ Market research
→ Vision
→ Discussion of your business, and the ideas you have. I will bring my own researched ideas prior to the call too.



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If you’d like to hop on a consultation call with me, click the link below


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