Logo Design Package


Taking you from Envisioning to completion.

Logo Design with Wonderfully Mei Designs is a smooth collaboration that helps you pinpoint your vision.


I design logos informed by the latest trends, colours, elements.
I design logos for just about any industry too, there is no limit.
I also work in a very collaborative way, that enables my client to input as much as they want into the process, whilst taking on my ideas and style finesse.




  • Book a consultation call with me here at; www.calendly.com/wonderfullymei
  • Prior to consultation, I will receive details on you and what you do. I will conduct some market research to help inform design ideas within the consultation call.
  • Payment for 1/3 of the cost must be paid beforehand.
  • During the consultation call we will go over;


→ Market research
→ Vision
→ Discussion of your business, and the ideas you have. I will bring my own researched ideas prior to the call too.



How much does this process cost?


Investing into time with me to take you from beginning to end of designing a logo, costing ONLY $299.

This includes not only your designs crafted by myself but includes the research necessary to make sure that your logo is well-informed (looking at your industry and what other people are doing is important to not only get inspiration but to make sure you do something a little bit different), and more importantly making sure it is unique and representative of what you do and your brand as a whole. This is no mean feat. No copies here and no, we won’t be jumping on the trend bandwagon.

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