Unplug Series (Getting Centred Once Again): Interviews Part III



As part of the Unplug series, I wanted to interview some people in business who are on different spectrums of being plugged into the internet and social media, and its’ affects on our well-being and overall life. Is it positive or negative?



Does it help with productivity and life flow?

What does that look like? How does it benefit their life?


I spoke to some entrepreneurs and asked them about the benefits of unplugging from social media, and what that looked like for them. Whether positive or negative, I had some interesting yet varied responses … The last interview is with Carly, a Lifestyle engagement & Wedding Photographer …

Carly, a lifestyle engagement & wedding photographer who is drawn to the coast and loves to travel!  My work is known for its playful elegance and timeless emotion. Over 12 years of capturing love stories all began while gaining my BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  I have photographed from Annapolis, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, New York City, Paris, to Martha’s Vineyard, and beyond.
When you’ve done this, how does has it helped with productivity and life flow? 
Taking a 14 day period of no social media use, helped my productivity and work flow SO much.  It allowed me to see the REAL amount of life time I have in each day and then use each moment for being present.
What positive effects have you seen on your general well-being, mental capacity and productivity in your business (if you have one) and your personal life?
Every day without social media I used my time more wisely, I had more down time, and was truly able to have extra time for “Me” time.  Allowing your mind to be quiet, sit back, relax, meditate with NO social media also helps to improve focus, inspiration, your own inner creativity. So many things improved as well as my own personal interaction with my friends.  I had to reach out to people to see how they were doing, have more real conversations with them, instead of them just contacting and “liking” my online status.
Why did you/do you feel the need to unplug? What prompted this for you?
I needed it because in my career I have to share SO much about my own life, my creative process and my career for clients to feel like they know me or that I am relevant.  I needed to get back to “me” and give myself more time to just exist and be present.  It is fascinating how social media takes us away from being present in our own life.  It is a weird fantasy land that so many people live in and then reality becomes hard to find or enjoy, because the hyper real – cyborg that people create of themselves seems to overshadow “Real Life” .  Social media had slowly changed my perception of my own life, I started feeling like nothing in my life was good enough, but that was only because of the false impression social media had drawn on my day to day life.
Would you suggest doing this for anyone else?
Absolutely. I think we should all take days or weeks away from social media.  It is a vortex that once you get back into it you have to set boundaries or it takes over your life again and again.  People have become consumed with their phones and updates and sharing their constant thoughts and actions with others. It truly becomes an addiction.


What does it look like for me?

colour profile


I am in the middle. I help that it helps to stay connected to social media, in order to get my name out there, as well as being able to connect to many other entrepreneurs out there who may need my services. Social media helps with my work.

I also use it to help me stay connected to friends, although I started to make the effort to connect with people offline, in a more organic and fruitful way. My friendships are more connected, deeper, and deeper than they usually were or have been. Making the effort to create friendships, fully, offline has been a lot more rewarding. I even try to stay off my phone during social situations.


Unplugging from social media and the internet can be important for looking after your well-being. Depending on what type of temperament and personality you have …

I hope you enjoyed the interviews we had for the Unplug Series. More to come on this particular topic!




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