Lead Page Design and Creating Mailing Lists

Creating Lead Pages

Here are a few snapshots of a lead page that I had the privilege to design for a coach. It was essential to capture the essence of the brand and coach’s vision, which was achieved through focused and targeted pieces of copy, and compelling imagery.

I made sure to have multiple points of entry for the viewer, as well as making sure that the essential information was highlighted accordingly, and finally offering many opportunities for the audience to sign up for the course. When thinking about design and layout, it is important to think about consistency of brand aesthetic, eye-catching imagery and copy that will pull your audience in! (Amongst many other things …)


Lead Page sample 2

Lead Page sample 1


When creating lead pages, there are many things to consider.


The starting point of creating lead page design is;

  • To think about the purpose of the page and the audience that the page is veered toward.

The most important starting point of designing a lead page, is to think about the branding of your business and how well that will translate to the overall design.

  • Consider your branding aesthetic; colours, typography and imagery, and how that will translate to your designs.

Lastly, how the text is presented and where you want the audience’s eye to gravitate toward;

  • Consider also, the overall layout of images and text and how they marry together.

Lead pages are just one of many methods, which you can utilise to capture more e-mails.

Here are a few other methods, which you can apply to your business and some prompts to help kick-start building your mailing list.


Methods and ways to build your mailing lists (A Quick go-to list)

  • Lead Pages. Focused web pages, separate to your business website, designed with the specific intent to capture the attention of your audience for a certain product or service.

  • Create free informative and helpful downloadables, complete with sign up sections to receive these items. You can get people on your list by getting them to sign up to free downloadables. Simple.

  • Promotion, promotion, and more promotion! Keep promoting your sign up link, for your mailing list throughout your social media and mailing list.

  • Remember to include sign-up opportunities through client conversations, hosting online webinars and FB lives.

  • Make use of your YouTube channel (if you have one), and post vlogs regularly, including opportunities for people to sign up to your mailing list.

Hopefully, that is enough information to get you started with creating engaging and fantastic lead pages that will capture your audience, as well as some ideas to increase your mailing list number! 😉


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