How to Improve Organisation in Your Business

Project Management is important for businesses, big and small.


We all have to deal with projects, whether that is on a small scale or larger scale, whether you are a solopreneur or you are working with a team of 20, or even working with separate teams worldwide.

Whatever your context and scenario, sometimes we need a helping hand in helping us pull everything together. These are some of the programs I have had the privilege of using for various projects, whether one-off or through daily use. I’ve included some helpful tips and tricks, to help you keep organised too.


Check out the following online programs, and the super useful and helpful features therein.



I use Asana for managing and tracking tasks and organising information for both personal and business purposes. I am very detail orientated, as well as needing to keep track of the many things that I need to do. Are you a list/post-it note person? 



Is used for communicating with many different teams at one time. Documents can be sent freely and easily in amongst the different communication channels. I have used this for a project when working with a small business, and it was useful to have everything in one place.



A fantastic system, which you can utilise to create an e-mail support system. Helpful and very useful for those who have businesses centered around products or businesses with large client bases.




Very similar to Asana but with a somewhat soft, cartoony interface.

Systemised one-stop location to keep track of your projects and the members of your team who are working on them.

Where Asana is more clinical and clearcut, Basecamp has a somewhat offers a more focused approach on organisation and tighter sense of overall project management.

You’ll see what I mean … 😉


basecamp pic

Helpful tips and tricks to help you stay organised;



  • As a visionary/business owner, you will have many new ideas and concepts that you think would be amazing. It is sometimes a good idea to keep those on a vision board or separate list to your every day/monthly task lists. Not every idea is meant to be implemented nor has to be implemented immediately.
  • You will have many different tasks, and projects to attend to. Write them on a post-it (whether physical or virtual), keep an updated list in Asana, write them in a notebook.
  • Make daily task lists, monthly task lists and yearly task lists.
    Daily tasks include e-mail/message orientated tasks, along with making sure you keep on top of projects.
    Monthly tasks include reviewing social media stats, website updates for the monthly, writing blog posts and producing content.
    Yearly tasks include tax assessment, reflection on the progress you’ve made and reviewing and casting new goals for the New Year.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that this might help you get organised. Oftentimes, we can get so overwhelmed and in a muddle with all the things we have to get done and get implemented.

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