Unplug and Disconnect to Reconnect (Getting Centred Once Again)

Unplugging from social media and the world to reconnect with yourself, and your purpose.

Oftentimes we can be so connected with the internet, social media and other people that we can lose sight of our own purpose and place in the world, and even our own personal goals too. We can be so concerned with what others think, that we forget to chase our own goals and dreams.


I thought this topic was essential, as it is something I am feeling is fast becoming a wall that I am coming up against in my life (especially my business life). I am feeling myself go with the motions, I’m on the hamster wheel, trying to catch up with myself constantly, and going round and round in circles, chasing my tail. I need to disconnect and reconnect myself to my vision, goals and overall bigger picture once again. I need to regain my focus.

I am feeling the need to disconnect completely from social media and the internet in general. Why? So I can reconnect, and get centred once again. I feel I am too much plugged into what everyone else is doing, and thinking and creating, and it’s getting in the way of my own ideas, innovation and planning. I am very much capable of coming up with ideas by myself without the influence of others (I am a total believer and encourager of originality of thought and idea) – let’s try and not be copycats.

I think we can often get ruled and let social media push us in our lives. We constantly feel the need to keep up, try this, try that, look this way, look that way. Social media feeds consumerism massively.

Let’s unplug, reset and be the masters of our own destiny’s and set the pace.


It’s hard to know yourself when you’re so connected with other people and their lives.



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