Client Journey with Zsuzsa Kiss

Some journeys are worth documenting, and Zsusza’s was a delight and a learning curve, for the both of us!alogo

I had the pleasure of providing both my Blog Strategy and Blog Content Planning sessions, and copywriting services to Zsuzsa Kiss, the owner of SoftRainbow (where she sells knitting patterns and blogs about it).

For the blog strategy and blog content planning sessions, we talked about the overall vision she had for the blog. We also looked at ways in which we could optimise and capitalise on the blog, and the strategies we would use to  expand and grow it.


Later in the week, we held a blog content planning session, which was an in-depth look at what kind of content we would include for the month, as well as topics. We also looked at how we could optimise the blog posts for search engines (and with this, well-researched keywords).

For our copywriting sessions we discussed her audience, content and context as well as tone and the kind of language we would use which would connect with her audience the best. We wrote an “About” page, and are going to be working on some other pieces of copy for her website in the future!



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