Meditation Techniques


We all need those times of reflection, stillness and peace in our everyday lives.

Meditation brings exactly that within our busy lives.


Methods of Meditation


Tranquility meditation

The most commonly used method of meditation is to picture ourselves in a calm space, transporting our mind elsewhere so we can find inner peace. Try the following scenarios; tropical rainforest, island waterfall,

Guided Meditation

Use guided meditation from instructors online (you can find a lot of these on Youtube, although I have not found one that I like, just yet … ), who will guide you with audible voice instructions and background music too.

There is also the infamous headspace app, which takes you through breathing exercises and similar guided audio clips.


Implement mindfulness techniques and exercises, such as the following in the following link.

One aspect I like to implement, is the mindful journalling exercise, where you take note of every thought that pops through your head. Take each emotion, examine why you feel this way, deal with it and release it. Confronting our emotions and feelings head on, helps us to be completely honest and transparent with why we feel the way we feel, and helps us create a solution so we can move out of that “funk”.

Another exercise is;

“Observe a leaf for five minutes

This exercise calls for nothing but a leaf and your attention. Pick up a leaf, hold it in your hand, and give it your full attention for five minutes.  Notice the colors, the shape, the texture, and the patterns. This will bring you into the present and align your thoughts with your current experience.”



Creating the right environment for meditation is very important. Choose somewhere to meditate, separate from your sleeping space and working space. Even if you aren’t living the life of luxury, you can still create a great relaxing meditation space, where you can clear your mind and centre yourself once again.

Take into account the following;

Lighting, smell, airflow, sound (music), comfort level (what are you seated on/lying on?)

  • Lighting – having enough light in the space, creates a positive and light atmosphere.
  • Smell – clean, smelling spaces enhance the meditation experience.
  • Airflow – also contributes to a good atmosphere and healthy atmosphere.
  • Comfort level (what are you seated on/lying on?) – what you sit, recline and lay on will help you relax and find that peaceful and relaxing space.

See the downloadable cheat sheet at the bottom of the page for more tips on creating the right environment.



Music can really aid you in helping you to find the right mental space to reflect, respond and relax.

Here are some musical suggestions, that you can use for setting the right, peaceful environment and peaceful and reflective atmosphere.


Steve Swanson

You can find him on Spotify and on Youtube

Meditation music can be found on this playlist. Very mellow, calming and reflective music that can be put on in the background when you are meditating;



Download your cheat sheet Here


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